Visualization of how a person picks up the adapter and fits perfectly in his hand

uHandle, the cutlery adapter, was born from a project at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, where it was proposed to create a device to help people with difficulties in doing daily things, such as eating. From the project, thanks to Professor Núria Salán, we were able to contact Dr. Montserrat Perez, who helped us to really see what the needs of these patients were and how we could adapt the cutlery adapter in a more optimal way.

Viewing the uHandle adapter in the hand

Millions of people around the globe cannot perform a basic action such as eating independently, due to malformations or nervous involvement in the hands. These people depend on the constant help of caregivers dedicated to feeding them. uHandle gives these patients part of their independence and dignity back by aiding them to recover the autonomy to feed themselves. The utensil uses an optimized design to be able to use either a fork, a spoon or a knife, and thus be able to eat with total freedom without any kind of problem.

Grabbing the uHandle adapter

The tool is created with 3D printing technology that makes it adaptable to different pathologies and sizes of the hands, and most importantly: thanks to its low manufacturing cost, the most disadvantaged people with very few resources can benefit.

uHandle aims to provide a real change in the life of those people who are in need. Besides, we are going to do that with non-profit goals.

That is why we need your help in order to collect enough money to buy all necessary materials along with a professional 3D printer. Thus, we will be able to help people affected by this kind of diseases.

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